Case Study: Oriental Mission Church, Anchorage, AK

Gathering Space

This may include churches, convention centers, community buildings, dance halls, or theatres—any type of space meant to bring people together. These types of projects almost always require the space (even when intended for a niche audience) to be accessible for anyone to visit. Extra attention is always recommended in the areas of restroom facilities and parking. Some projects will require a kitchen–or at least a cafeteria area–as well.

Architect, Architecture, Anchorage, Church, Oriental Mission Church

Our Introduction

Determine Design was a very young firm at the time we were introduced to this project by the mechanical and electrical engineering firm hired by the general contractor. The general contractor was a member of the Korean church that intended to construct a new facility for itself.

Architect, Architecture, Anchorage, Church, Oriental Mission Church

Say What?

After being introduced to the church, Daniel attended a service to see how they were performed and then met with the church leaders. The main idea was that they wanted more space and a building that was truly their own. Some issues arose as the church leaders all spoke english as a 2nd language, but to help bridge the gap, the general contractor often acted as a translator on the project. 

Architect, Architecture, Anchorage, Church, Oriental Mission Church

Results Speak for Themself

At times it was difficult to distinguish between what was a genuine instruction that came from the church leaders and what was coming from the general contractor, but in the end everything was resolved with a little time, patience, and a willingness to think outside of the box. The end result is beautiful.