Case Study: ReHaru Sushi, Anchorage, AK

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People are often surprised at how much parking area is needed for restaurants—and parking allocation with shared businesses in a mall setting only adds to the confusion. Then you have to factor in access issues, additional mechanical systems for a commercial-grade kitchen, restroom facilities, and seating areas. While it may sound daunting, we have the experience to take it all in stride so your business can get off the ground.

Architecture, Anchorage, ReHaru, Restaurant, Bar

Architecture Design; Projects - Bar & Restaurant

Determine Design met the prospective property owner through the general contractor and the mechanical and electrical engineering firm. At the time the site was being used by a retail outlet for children equipment and a small tech shop. Before this it had been used as a Denny’s. The owner wished to return the use to that of a restaurant and to locate his old restaurant ‘Haru’ into the building. The other ‘Haru’ Sushi restaurant had burned down recently on Dimond and, thus, he wanted to find a new location for the restaurant which he proposed to call ‘Re-Haru’.

Architecture, Anchorage, ReHaru, Bar, Restaurant

Change of Use Issues

The client wished to completely strip the old finishes and most of the interior walls and to build a new kitchen and seating area. The building had been previously used as a restaurant, but, because during the intervening years it had been used for retail, it lost grandfather rights for the site. The parking and landscaping plan had to be done as though it was a new facility.

Architecture, Anchorage, ReHaru, Bar, Restaurant

Open for Business

Determine Design created a new site plan for the facility which managed to fit just enough parking on the site for the restaurant use and included all the necessary landscaping and pedestrian amenities that are required under current Municipal code.